Monday, 18 August 2014

Catholic barbarity in Europe

This is a true story from a country in Europe, a country that one would normally deem civilized.

The sequence of events is this:
1. A foreign woman (country unspecified) arrives in the European country, seeking asylum.
2.  The woman is eight weeks pregnant, and the pregnancy is due to a rape.
3. The country in question prohibits abortion except in cases when the pregnancy will result in the mother’s death. Those cases can include a mother’s potential suicide. They do notinclude rape, incest, or fetal deformity.
4. The pregnant woman is suicidal and wants an abortion badly. She presents herself at the hospital and requests an abortion shortly after her arrival in the European country. 
5. To approve abortion under the law in those cases, however, requires unanimous approval of a panel of several physicians.
6. The panel is convened: two psychiatrists and an obstetrician. The psychiatrists concur that an abortion is warranted by the woman’s suicidality, but the obstetrician, while agreeing with the potential suicidality, doesn’t go along because he considers the fetus viable. By this time the woman is 21-23 weeks into her pregnancy. 
7. The woman, in protest, goes on a hunger strike, intending to kill herself through starvation or dehydration.
8. Determined to have its child, the country straps the woman to a bed and forcibly feeds her through a nasogastric tube.
9. Finally, at about 25 weeks after conception, the fetus is forcibly removed from the woman by caesarian section. Reports are that it is healthy and will be given into state care.

Okay, which country has those kind of draconian abortion laws (prohibiting it even in cases of rape an incest), and not only overrules a woman’s clear suicidality, in violation of the law, but then straps her to a bed and forcibly feeds her, keeping the baby alive until she can be cut open and the fetus extracted? How many violations is that, by the way? I count three horrible  and unwanted penetrations.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lessons of Immortality and Mortality From My Father, Carl Sagan

by Sasha Sagan

We lived in a sandy-colored stone house with an engraved winged serpent and solar disc above the door. It seemed like something straight out of ancient Sumeria, or Indiana Jones — but it was not, in either case, something you’d expect to find in upstate New York. It overlooked a deep gorge, and beyond that the city of Ithaca. At the turn of the last century it had been the headquarters for a secret society at Cornell called the Sphinx Head Tomb, but in the second half of the century some bedrooms and a kitchen were added and, by the 1980s, it had been converted into a private home where I lived with my wonderful mother and father.

My father, the astronomer Carl Sagan, taught space sciences and critical thinking at Cornell. By that time, he had become well known and frequently appeared on television, where he inspired millions with his contagious curiosity about the universe. But inside the Sphinx Head Tomb, he and my mother, Ann Druyan, wrote books, essays, and screenplays together, working to popularize a philosophy of the scientific method in place of the superstition, mysticism, and blind faith that they felt was threatening to dominate the culture. They were deeply in love — and now, as an adult, I can see that their professional collaborations were another expression of their union, another kind of lovemaking. One such project was the 13-part PBS series Cosmos, which my parents co-wrote and my dad hosted in 1980 — a new incarnation of which my mother has just reintroduced on Sunday nights on Fox. 
After days at elementary school, I came home to immersive tutorials on skeptical thought and secular history lessons of the universe, one dinner table conversation at a time. My parents would patiently entertain an endless series of "why?" questions, never meeting a single one with a “because I said so” or “that’s just how it is.” Each query was met with a thoughtful, and honest, response even the ones for which there are no answers.

One day when I was still very young, I asked my father about his parents. I knew my maternal grandparents intimately, but I wanted to know why I had never met his parents.
“Because they died,” he said wistfully. “Will you ever see them again?” I asked. He considered his answer carefully. Finally, he said that there was nothing he would like more in the world than to see his mother and father again, but that he had no reason — and no evidence — to support the idea of an afterlife, so he couldn’t give in to the temptation.
Then he told me, very tenderly, that it can be dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true. You can get tricked if you don’t question yourself and others, especially people in a position of authority. He told me that anything that’s truly real can stand up to scrutiny.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time I began to understand the permanence of death. As I veered into a kind of mini existential crisis, my parents comforted me without deviating from their scientific worldview. “You are alive right this second. That is an amazing thing,” they told me. When you consider the nearly infinite number of forks in the road that lead to any single person being born, they said, you must be grateful that you’re you at this very second. Think of the enormous number of potential alternate universes where, for example, your great-great-grandparents never meet and you never come to be. Moreover, you have the pleasure of living on a planet where you have evolved to breathe the air, drink the water, and love the warmth of the closest star. You’re connected to the generations through DNA — and, even farther back, to the universe, because every cell in your body was cooked in the hearts of stars. We are star stuff, my dad famously said, and he made me feel that way.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Pope Francis' Five Inspirations

Hi there! - 
Mamma mia, what a lovely boy!

I must think about it.
That man Dawkins might be right after all.

Look up there!
I could swear I saw Him!

I must have a large whiskey after this!

Why did they have to cover him with that loin cloth?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Why do atheists need to celebrate Christmas?

Taslima Nasreen

I celebrate no religious festivals since my childhood. I don't celebrate because I am an atheist. I can't find a reason to celebrate Eid, Puja, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Do I need to celebrate something? Not really. But I feel like celebrating a special day, there are plenty of Days out there. Human Rights Day. Women's Day, Children's Day, International Labour Day, World Poetry Day, World Health Day, Darwin Day, etc. A humane holiday is universal.

I get surprised when ex-Christian atheists instead of celebrating a day off work, celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a Christian holiday, a religious event - it is for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Atheists don't believe in God the father, Jesus the son or the holy spirit. Atheists are not Christians, they do not need to participate in Christian holiday.

Many atheists even celebrate the Pagan festival of winter solstice. Why do they need to celebrate a Pagan festival? It is true that many rituals of modern Christmas celebrations are pagan. But this is not a good reason to celebrate Christmas or Solstice. Atheists are neither Pagan nor Christian. They don't uphold ancient Pagan superstitions, so why do so with those which happen to be popular at Christmas time? There's nothing about ancient paganism which is any more rational than modern Christianity.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Women who swim in the ocean are guilty of adultery

''Standard Sharia Law punishment for adultery for a woman is slowly stoning to death''

The lovely faces of Morsi's police
India Today published on November 28, 2013, that a listing has recently been compiled in Egypt, of some of the more puritanical fatwas issued during the presidency of the now-deposed leader, Mohamed Morsi.
During Morsi's brief stint as president, the Muslim Brotherhood and the equally violent, straight-laced Salafists issued blatantly anti-women fatwas on a regular basis.
These muslims regard women as strange creatures, who are created solely for sex. They considered the voices of women, their looks and presence outside the walls of their homes an ''offence''. Some even went so far as to consider women as a whole offensive.

Arguably leading the list, was the fatwa (Islamic religious ruling) issued, that noted the Arab word for ''sea'' is masculine and therefore, if and when sea water should come into contact with a married woman's pelvic area, she would literally be committing adultery and should be punished.

Thank Allah that I'm a girl!
Other officially issued Fatwas of note include:

*  A prohibition on women ''eating certain vegetables or even touching cucumbers or bananas'', due to their phallic imagery, which could sexually tempt women.

*  Women were ordered ''to turn off the air-conditioners at home in the absence of their husbands, as it could indicate to a neighbour that the woman is at home alone and any of them could commit adultery with her.''

*  Upon reaching the age of 10, girls should be married ''to prevent them from deviating from the right path.''

*  A marriage would be annulled if a married couple engages in sexual congress without any clothes on.

* Women who might ''breastfeed male acquaintances in order to bypass the Islamic law that women shouldn't be in public with males to which they weren't married or related,  thereby making them relatives and justifying their mixed company''.

*  Numerous Fatwas were authorized to use women as human shields during moments of violence.

*  Seen as pagan images, Fatwas were issued that ''advocated the destruction of the pyramids and sphinx''.

*  Sanctioning the execution of anyone who protested against the then-President Mohammed Morsi.

*  Officially forbade Muslims from greeting any Christians.


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Thursday, 28 November 2013

The ghosts of the forest

            -A true story for young dogs-

By Dylan, The Thinking Dog (Canis lupus sapiens

Often I heard strange noises between the dark trees, during my daily walks on the hills around my home town.  It gave me a shock every time. There was no smell and I never saw any creature.
My mother, a believer in the goddog 'Lupus', used to tell me and my two brothers stories about dogs with wings, spirits of  evil hounds, holy bitches, and the like. I clearly remember a story about a enormous hound with red eyes, somewhere in a town called Baskerville. Because of all those stories, I was always afraid to go outside on my own in the dark and I had often bad dreams about it.
Is there more in this world than I can see?

Eurasian Jay - Garrulus glandarius
Now more than 8 years old, Thomas, one of my brothers, and I have a house and garden of our own. We have two attendants, a human male and female, who have their rooms upstairs. They are very intelligent and often have discussions about all kinds of interesting subjects. They can talk to each other for hours. Listening to them, while I'm resting in my basket, I know now that my mother's stories were just stories, because there is no truth to them at all. She was possibly indoctrinated by her Setteric family and I think that the humans around her were not very helpful either. I heard that our father, a secular Sheeper, had a kind of a scientific education, but he left our mother before we were born, so he could not inform us about the natural world.

One day, a few months ago, on our walk with our male attendant, we heard the noise again and all three of us looked in the direction from where it was coming. 'Look over there', our attendant said, 'two jays, what beautiful birds they are!'
You see, now I know what the noise was. So if you keep your eyes, ears and nose wide open, than you can learn a lot about the real things. Other animals than Homo can be sapiens too, you know!`

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Rosaries For Life

Thank him/her for what? Killing their neighbours, their family, destroying their businesses, their fields? Or thank their god that he/she has spared them for a life full of agony and remorse?

This look like a joke, but it isn't, this organisation does exist. Go to  and you will find more information about these fanatic Catholic pro-life lunatics.